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Welcome to those of you who are visiting for the first time. If you have been following me on my facebook page, welcome to the new site! I will still have all my old blog posts, but going forward I will be doing all my posts on here and I will be sure to let you know on social media every time a new post goes up! 

Let me begin by warning you, this will be a lengthy post as I will be telling you a bit about myself and my plans for this blog so cozy up, grab a drink and enjoy!

First, a little bit about who I am. I love fashion and all things related ie: beauty, decorating, DIY-ing etc. I also greatly enjoy making old things new, insert my thrifting addiction. My goodness it is amazing what a little time, effort and creativity can do! I am also an avid deal chaser, I am just an all around thrifty type of person. If I see something I love but it is more money than a I feel comfortable spending, I find something similar that is on sale or simply costs less or find something I can DIY to be nearly the same thing but way cheaper! Who doesn’t appreciate saving a dollar or fifty?

I graduated college with a degree in fashion merchandising and a minor in journalism, not all that sure what exactly I wanted to do but knowing it was something related to those fields. You see, I am not a good decision maker, never have been and that’s ok by me because I’ve found that taking time to decide on one thing has its benefits. I rarely end up feeling like I made a poor choice because it took me a good long time to make the choice I did! So basically, I worked a couple of retail jobs that were really more of a “job to pay the bills” kind of thing. And then ended up with the job I had for 5 years that I loved but hated at the same time. My job title was visual merchandising manager and the job entailed, in the most basic sense, maintaining the merchandise presentation on the sales floor and all in store marketing and displays to drive sales. There were fun aspects such as dressing mannequins and doing window set-ups but it was a very fast paced, hectic work place and it caught up to me. I knew that environment was not the place for me so that lead me to change fields entirely to something I knew was a better fit for me and that was to become a nanny to the most amazing family. I know, I know! Where the heck did child care come into play!?

Another interesting fact about me, I originally was going to go to school to be a teacher, I love children and it was always what I thought I’d do but you grow and you change. I somewhat regret changing my major only because I wish I had chosen something more to do with child development than fashion. Fashion is much more of a fun hobby for me and the knowledge I gained through my degree I don’t feel is much of a benefit in my hobby. A lot of the knowledge I now have has been through my own research and experiences but I will say, school certainly helped me understand the business side of things. Now my current full time job, I am certain, is a true calling of mine and I truly love my job. It was the best decision I’ve made to leave my fashion career for one I feel suits me a whole lot more. But man have I started to feel that empty void that was left behind.

That brings us to here. This blog. For me, it has been one of those things that lingers in your mind that you are terrified of but curious about all at the same time. I like to do things well and I like to please others so it terrifies me to think people might not like what I have to say or that this might be a giant failure. However, I am an optimist and think that even if I’m the only one getting enjoyment out of this then that’s better than nothing. Plus, the main reason I want to do this is to be able to once again express my creativity that I miss! I want to wear the clothes and makeup that have been tucked away for special occasions, now that I no longer wear them daily! Plus, one of my favorite parts about my old job was inspiring customers by what I wore. The countless times I had customers seek me out to help them shop solely because of my outfit was enlightening and I would love to be able to inspire you in the same way.

So here is a little more about my plans for this blog. If you haven’t already noticed, my last name is Taylor hence the name Thrifted & Taylor’d. This blog is about how I find things and one way or another make them my own. I plan to share my thrifted finds (and other finds that fit in to the thrifty category) through outfitting to give you inspiration to find outfits that you love. I also would like to share some of my DIY projects with anything from clothing to accessories to home goods, beauty tips and home decor because all those things are incorporated into my thrifty lifestyle, and I hope to share some knowledge along the way!

I will also be posting on Instagram, twitter and creating Pinterest boards under the name @thriftedandtaylord so be sure to follow me there to be updated on new posts, see special extras, and to be able to pin my posts to find them easily to reference. 

I think I have said all I wanted to say! I hope you enjoyed learning a little about me and will return! Thank you so much for stopping by and taking time to read this; please feel free to leave comments, suggestions, questions or requests. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite thoughts: today is a good day to be happy. Until next time..

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