how to transition your summer wardrobe to fall | Thrifted & Taylord |

  Hey Guys! This end of summer, beginning of fall weather is beautiful. But it is also rather unpredictable. One day it’s a crisp feels like fall kind of day, the next it’s back to 80 degree summer days. Then of course there are the days which start off cool and turn incredibly warm by the afternoon. That can make deciding what to wear a challenge. A sweater is great[…]

Dressing the bump cotton pants | Thrifted & Taylor'd |

  Hey Guys! We spent last weekend with my husband’s family in Lake Geneva, celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday. It was a wonderful little getaway! It is such a cute town and there are some awesome views by the lake. While we were out for dinner one night my husband and I went on a little walk to explore the downtown area and I was wearing another one of my favorite[…]

10 Must Have Sandals Under $30 | Thrifted & Taylor'd |

Hey Guys! Anyone else closing their eyes and telling themselves that summer is not like halfway over? I love the summer. The weather is beautiful, ok some of you may think I’m crazy but I love warm weather. Like really warm weather. I mean I’m not saying like 95 degrees but a nice upper 70’s to low 80’s kind of day is perfect to me. Especially if there is a[…]

how to pack light

Hey Guys! One of the best things about summer is the travel, am I right?! I mean, many people travel throughout the year but something about summer travel is somewhat nostalgic of childhood. Summer breaks, no school, and anticipating whatever your family’s trip was that year. But with traveling comes the less fun things like packing. Well at least for me packing is not fun. All that stress about packing[…]

10 SwimSuits under $25

Hey Guys! I hope everyone else is enjoying this beautiful summer we are having a much as I am! There is nothing like spending a day at the pool or beach if you are lucky enough to live near one. Gives you a little taste of vacation. Of course you need the necessary clothing to fully enjoy those types of days; i.e. a totally adorable swimsuit. So naturally I regularly[…]