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Hey Guys! Anyone else closing their eyes and telling themselves that summer is not like halfway over? I love the summer. The weather is beautiful, ok some of you may think I’m crazy but I love warm weather. Like really warm weather. I mean I’m not saying like 95 degrees but a nice upper 70โ€™s to low 80โ€™s kind of day is perfect to me. Especially if there is a[…]

thrift store finds

Hey Guys! Iย went on a thrifting adventure last week and you are not going to believe some of the amazing things I found. I will warn you, there is a lot. It was 50% off day when I went so I loaded up my cart! Guys, I got so many great deals. If you can’t waitย to see my latest thrift store finds just keep reading! Quickly before I get into[…]

Hey Guys! Since many of you really enjoyed my wardrobe staples post, I decided to do an accessories version. The idea is the same that there are a few pieces every wardrobe should have that are your go to pieces, something you can rely on to look good with any outfit. So I will be showing you purses, shoes, and jewelry that are staple pieces to own including links to[…]

Hey Guys! Since we just reorganized our closets I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about key wardrobe staples you should have in your closet. Staples not only stand the test of time because they are classic pieces, but they make outfit selection much easier because they are the base of an outfit. Wardrobe staples are one thing that are well worth investing some money in, however if[…]