battle of the Mascaras Too Faced Better Than Sex VS. L'Oreal Lash Paradise | Thrifted & Taylor'd |

Hey Guys! Let’s start this battle! We are going to be looking at two mascaras, one of which is my all time favorite. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara has been a favorite of mine for quite some time, but it is pricey at $23 a pop. So when L’Oreal came out with the very similar looking Lash Paradise mascara for only $10 earlier this summer, I was instantly intrigued.[…]

Hey Guys! Wedding season is officially upon us! I think this is the first year in a while that we don’t have more than a couple weddings. While I love weddings and all, too many can be too much! So I’m grateful for a bit of a break this year. My favorite weddings though, are the ones I have gotten to be apart of. There is something so special about[…]

Lipsense review

Hey Guys! As much as I love lip products, I hate the process of wearing them. It is work! I never remember to touch up my lips throughout the day so while my color looks great at the start of my day, after a couple hours it really looks gross if it is still even visible. I have quite the supply of lip products that hardly see the light of[…]

Glossybox Review

Hey Guys! Today I have another beauty subscription service I wanted to introduce you to. This is Glossybox, a $21 per month subscription service. You will receive typically 5 deluxe to full size makeup, skincare, and hair care items. It is important to keep in mind when trying these services that the point is to try new things you wouldn’t have necessarily bought on your own. So if you are[…]

Lagure premium oval brush review

Hey Guys! Have you guys seen or heard of the Artis Brushes?Β Β If you haven’t they are crazy expensive makeup brushes that kind of look like a vintage hairbrush. They have amazing reviews and are supposed to make your makeup apply flawlessly but for the price tag, I was left wondering if there was something comparable but with a much smaller price. I came across the Lagure Premium Oval Brush on[…]