Ways to Create a Spa Like Bathroom | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

This is not a sponsored post. This post does contain affiliate links. To learn more click here. Hey Guys! We just finished getting our bathrooms remodeled and let me tell you, a brand new bathroom gives off a whole new vibe. It’s funny how cosmetic upgrades can instantly make something feel different. Like it’s a bathroom, but the appearance of it is so much more inviting to me now that[…]

5 ways to wear ankle boots | Fall 2017 | Fall and Winter Trends | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

  Hey Guys! I don’t know about you but for me ankle boots are a must have, go to, always works shoe. Some girls collect heels, I collect boots. Mostly ankle boots and booties. They are super versatile and can work with basically any outfit. Except maybe a bikini. Because, well, they’re boots. But really most every outfit would work with ankle boots. I put together another personal styling type[…]

how to transition your summer wardrobe to fall | Thrifted & Taylord | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

  Hey Guys! This end of summer, beginning of fall weather is beautiful. But it is also rather unpredictable. One day it’s a crisp feels like fall kind of day, the next it’s back to 80 degree summer days. Then of course there are the days which start off cool and turn incredibly warm by the afternoon. That can make deciding what to wear a challenge. A sweater is great[…]

10 Craft Arsenal Must Haves | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

Hey Guys! Crafting and DIY are most definitely one of my favorite hobbies. Other than thrifting of course.  I love making cute things to incorporate in a gift or even things for around the home. I also often DIY my clothing and thrift finds. If you have visited my blog I’m sure you have seen some of my projects. A couple favorites in case you haven’t seen them are my[…]

how to pack light

Hey Guys! One of the best things about summer is the travel, am I right?! I mean, many people travel throughout the year but something about summer travel is somewhat nostalgic of childhood. Summer breaks, no school, and anticipating whatever your family’s trip was that year. But with traveling comes the less fun things like packing. Well at least for me packing is not fun. All that stress about packing[…]