A stack of different shades of denim.

Hey Guys! It’s no secret that I’m all about shopping second hand to help lessen my environmental footprint (plus I just love the thrill of it!) But what about those clothes that don’t get worn any longer? There’s no need to throw them away. Today I want to share a bunch of different methods for recycling old clothes to show you so many ways to help keep textile waste to[…]

Find out how to create a capsule wardrobe at the thrift stote. Image is of clothing hanging on a rack.

Hey Guys! Capsule wardrobes are becoming more popular, especially for those who are trying to simplify their homes and lives. With second hand shopping also becoming more popular, it makes sense to combine the two. Let’s talk about how to create a capsule wardrobe at the thrift store. What is a capsule wardrobe? First of all, let’s go over what exactly a capsule wardrobe is. A Capsule wardrobe is a[…]

Photo is a clothing rack full of women's clothes in different styles and shades of yellow.

Hey Guys! Happy 2021! I want to start this year off by talking about one of my favorite things. Thrifting. But this time, I want to talk about the reasons to shop and the benefits of shopping second hand.  I started browsing thrift stores about 10 years ago because I was curious about what I could find there. I would go on my own or sometimes I would go with[…]

Thanksgiving looks a little different this year, but being home doesn't mean you can't get a little dressed with. These trendy casual outfits fit the bill perfectly. The photo shows a woman wearing a black leather jacket over a beaded tank top with black jeans, a black belt, and some brown booties.

Hey Guys! Anyone else feel like time is melting away? Like Halloween has come and gone and now here we are in November with Thanksgiving fast approaching. Things will be different this year but I think the holidays are just what we need to bring some cheer to 2020. Since Thanksgiving will be a much smaller and more casual event this year, I put together 5 casual Thanksgiving outfits that[…]