5 ways to wear ankle boots | Fall 2017 | Fall and Winter Trends | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

  Hey Guys! I don’t know about you but for me ankle boots are a must have, go to, always works shoe. Some girls collect heels, I collect boots. Mostly ankle boots and booties. They are super versatile and can work with basically any outfit. Except maybe a bikini. Because, well, they’re boots. But really most every outfit would work with ankle boots. I put together another personal styling type[…]

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas | Shop These Awesome Looks | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

  Hey Guys! Hello November! How did you get here so soon? Time is just flying by these days, anyone else feel that way?! Well we are full swing into the holiday season and this is my favorite time of year. Christmas especially just makes me smile. But first comes Thanksgiving. That glorious day when you just stuff your face full of deliciousness. I was doing a little browsing for[…]

Fall Farmhouse Decor | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

Hey Guys! Next to winter, fall is my favorite season to decorate for. Something about fall décor makes the home feel so warm and cozy. And don’t even get me started on fall scents. I regularly have candles burning that make the whole house smell like apple pie or pumpkin spice. Yum. I also like to break out warm fuzzy blankets and pillows. I found some amazing fall décor items[…]

Fall 2017 Thrift Finds | Fall 2017 Trends At The Thrift Store | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

Hey Guys! Well even though it may not feel like it outside, fall has begun. Im sure it comes as no surprise when I say I am not mad at this little extension of summer. However, I have been on the hunt for some new additions to my fall wardrobe. I picked up just a few things on my last thrift trip, when I also found all those adorable clothes[…]

how to transition your summer wardrobe to fall | Thrifted & Taylord | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

  Hey Guys! This end of summer, beginning of fall weather is beautiful. But it is also rather unpredictable. One day it’s a crisp feels like fall kind of day, the next it’s back to 80 degree summer days. Then of course there are the days which start off cool and turn incredibly warm by the afternoon. That can make deciding what to wear a challenge. A sweater is great[…]