Fall Farmhouse Decor | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

Fall Farmhouse Decor

Fall Farmhouse Decor | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

Hey Guys!

Next to winter, fall is my favorite season to decorate for. Something about fall décor makes the home feel so warm and cozy. And don’t even get me started on fall scents. I regularly have candles burning that make the whole house smell like apple pie or pumpkin spice. Yum. I also like to break out warm fuzzy blankets and pillows.

I found some amazing fall décor items that are perfect for those farmhouse style lovers like myself. Best part of all, they’re all on Amazon! Easy peasy, all in one spot. So I rounded up my favorites to share with you today. Take a look at these awesome fall farmhouse décor pieces below!

Fall Farmhouse Decor | Thrifted & Taylor'd | www.thriftedandtaylord.com

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No farmhouse is complete without some awesome wood décor pieces. So between adorable signs and that cute little pumpkin, I got you covered. I also found that adorable Halloween block set that I think is just perfect. I also thought those metal tubs for Halloween candy were too cute to pass up!

Like I mentioned, fall candles are a must have. I thought the aesthetic of those ones fit in perfectly and with scents like pumpkin spice, cranberry, and autumn leaves they are perfect. I love cozy pillows like that cable knit one I found, paired with a cute autumn graphic or phrase would be a match made in heaven.

White pumpkins are my favorite to use in my décor. That and green heirloom ones. I love those little faux ones because you only have to buy them once! I also thought those knit pumpkins were to die for. I love how they have them styled as well. I would totally take a page from their book on that!

Fall table centerpieces are another one of my favorites. I feel like mason jars are a given for this farmhouse style. These would be so cute in a short wooden box and you could put whatever type of fall florals you like the best! Can we talk about that adorable “Hello Fall” hand towel? The perfect touch to your kitchen décor.

That metal “Give Thanks” can would be so cute on the front porch with some fall florals or foliage sticking out of the top. Even some straw or cotton would work perfectly! And don’t forget about fall prints. I love that “happy fall y’all” one that I found.

Hope you guys loved these adorable fall pieces as much as I did! Please let me know down below which was your must have and don’t forget to share this with all your farmhouse décor loving pals. If you’re not already and you’d like to, follow me on all my social media below! Thanks for reading, see you next time. ☺

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