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  Hey Guys! Oh my goodness. You guys. We had our baby shower this past weekend and it was everything I’d hoped it would be and more! I am so thankful to both my mom and my mother-in-law, both my sisters, and sisters-in-law for all their hard work. This was entirely their doing so I take no credit for it! But I figured you would enjoy taking a peek at[…]

Father's Day Last Minute Gift Guide

  Hey Guys! Father’s Day really sneaked up on me! Yikes! Anyone else a leave it to the last minute kind of shopper? I don’t mean to be that way but things just seem to always be going on and shopping for gifts tends to fall to the wayside, unfortunately. I still love you Dad, I’m just a terrible planner when it comes to buying gifts. (Face palm) So since[…]

let's talk leather, mahi leather

Hey Guys! This is going to be a different kind of post, but it is something I feel that is important. I want to talk about leather. I used to think that leather was something I did not want to support because I thought it was wrong to take an animals life for the soul purpose of using its hide. That is why I absolutely do not support the fur industry. I[…]

mothers day gift guide 2017

Hey Guys! Can you believe April is already almost over? Where in the world does the time go, it is unreal how fast it goes. So let’s talk all things Mom. That sweet, wonderful person who brought you into the world and will always hold a special place in your heart. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have always been special in our family, and I love celebrating them. I know everyone says well you[…]

Hey Guys! Since many of you really enjoyed my wardrobe staples post, I decided to do an accessories version. The idea is the same that there are a few pieces every wardrobe should have that are your go to pieces, something you can rely on to look good with any outfit. So I will be showing you purses, shoes, and jewelry that are staple pieces to own including links to[…]