Get my best tips and favorite products for decorating kitchen shelves. Image shows a variety of white dishware mixed with wood kitchen items on white shelves.

Hey Guys! Open shelving has become more and more popular, especially in the kitchen. But you may find yourself unsure of what exactly to put on these types of shelves. Today I am sharing some tips for decorating kitchen shelves and some of my favorite products to use when decorating in the kitchen. You might have noticed this increase in trend for open shelving throughout the home. It is a[…]

Take a peek at my spring home tour full of vintage and vintage inspired items, as well as thrifted home decor. This image shows a black entryway table with an antique window, various spring decor, some small potted plants, and some wood decor items.

Hey Guys! Spring has arrived and I am so ready for warmer weather and all the flowers and greenery to come back to life. What better a way to welcome spring here on the blog than with a spring home tour? I found some great antiques and vintage inspired pieces and of course some thrifted home décor mixed with other spring touches that I’m excited to share with you. I[…]

Check out how to make a fake tree for your own home that looks super realistic. Photo shows an artificial potted tree in front of a stone fireplace with a wooden box on the ledge. There is a clock on the wall, and on the fireplace mantel there is a window mirror with a spring hoop wreath on it, a garland, and 2 wooden antique looking candle holders.

Hey Guys! Adding indoor plants to your home has become increasingly popular, but not everyone has a green thumb (or the desire) to keep plants alive. Artificial plants are a great option for those people (myself included…) I have been eyeing an artificial potted tree for a while but just can’t stomach spending over a hundred dollars to get the quality I want. So I made my own. Find out[…]

Find out how to create a capsule wardrobe at the thrift stote. Image is of clothing hanging on a rack.

Hey Guys! Capsule wardrobes are becoming more popular, especially for those who are trying to simplify their homes and lives. With second hand shopping also becoming more popular, it makes sense to combine the two. Let’s talk about how to create a capsule wardrobe at the thrift store. What is a capsule wardrobe? First of all, let’s go over what exactly a capsule wardrobe is. A Capsule wardrobe is a[…]

Find out the answer to your own "What is my decorating style?" question and learn how to create a home you love. Photo shoes an assortment os vases in netural colors, some have small flowers, there is a candle in a glass jar and a tall gray candle,, and a white distressed photo frame all on a wood shelf.

Hey Guys! What is my decorating style? That is a question I struggled with for a while until I finally started taking the steps to figure it out. Today I am going to share my process to show you how to determine your decorating style to be able to create a home you love. When it comes to home décor, I don’t fall into one perfect category and I think[…]