A woman wearing a straw hat looking out over a body of water with boats.

Hey Guys! Summer has arrived and we have already had our fair share of sunshine around here. Hats are one of my favorite accessories, especially in warmer weather. So I wanted to share some stylish summer hats that will keep you looking trendy while also blocking some of that hot summer sun.  If you happen to see my latest thrift hauls where I share some pregnancy clothing hacks and how[…]

A stack of different shades of denim.

Hey Guys! It’s no secret that I’m all about shopping second hand to help lessen my environmental footprint (plus I just love the thrill of it!) But what about those clothes that don’t get worn any longer? There’s no need to throw them away. Today I want to share a bunch of different methods for recycling old clothes to show you so many ways to help keep textile waste to[…]

A pregnant woman wearing a black eyelet cropped shirt, a black maxi skirt with pink and purple flowers on it, a gray wide brim hat, a straw bag, gold necklaces, and taupe ankle boots. These are both maternity second hand clothes that are actually regular clothes you can wear while pregnant.

Hey Guys! Welcome to this maternity second hand clothes haul! Part 2 of my spring thrift haul series, check out my first haul and how to dress during pregnancy post from last week if you haven’t already.  This week I am back with more pregnancy clothing hacks for wearing normal clothes while pregnant. After learning what types of clothes you can wear during pregnancy from last week’s post, this week[…]

A pregnant woman wearing a rust colored cropped shirt with some high rise cream casual trousers, a wide brim hat that is cream, a straw bag with a gold chain, and some black espadrilles.

Hey Guys! If you have ever shopped for maternity clothes, you might know the struggle. The cute stuff is expensive and the cheap stuff isn’t always the most flattering. And it’s actually pretty hard to find cute maternity clothes at the thrift store. So this spring thrift haul is all about how to dress during pregnancy without maternity clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, I do have some of the[…]